I have atom editor installed and git bash on my windows PC. In the screenshot below - Brian opens the file in atom editor using atom . command on his MAC machine. Opening atom in Mac

However same cannot be done on the git bash on the windows machine as shown in the screenshot. enter image description here

In the branching operation shown in the Week 1 lecture :-

  1. A repo is cloned from github (cd lecture1)
  2. New branch - feature is made (git branch feature; git checkout feature)
  3. The existing file (index.html) is opened in atom (using atom .) command and edited.
  4. git add, git commit and git push-upstream command used.

I am getting stuck 3rd step, I cant open atom editor on windows git bash using atom . As a result, I have to separately copy the files in a folder and then separately open in atom. How can I open atom and edit files of cloned repo and then push both branches?

I can push both branches but the file is unchanged in both branches and I think it has to do with me not editing files in correct directory.

Sorry for long question but thought I would write.

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If you want to associate atom with all git operations, run: git config --global core.editor "atom --wait" If you just want to edit files, add an alias in git:git config --global alias.edit "! atom" and now you can edit any file by calling: git edit [filename]

And it looks like you need just the second one,so give it a try.

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