In Whodunit, you are asked to go into CS50 Lab and answer questions on how a file called copy.c works. They give you two links to BITMAPINFOHEADER and BITMAPFILEHEADER. Then, it says you should open a file called questions.md and answer a few questions in there. Sounds simple enough, but when I opened up the two given links, I found no information relevant to the questions that are being asked. All I could see is a copy of the structs in bmp.h and some other text underneath them that also has nothing to do with the questions. The first question asks "What is 'stdint.h'" but I can't even find the word stdint.h anywhere on the webpage. Am I supposed to be googling the answers? Or is there something else that I am doing wrong?

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I answered many of those questions by looking at the comments in the bmp.h file. Check out line 1 of the code for an answer to the first question.


(duplicate of answer given to your same question on reddit)

The questions are meant to guide you through understanding copy.c. You may need to google or look at other CS50 references (like the information in the spec, or http://reference.cs50.net), or the copy.c code itself to figure out the answers.

(I assume you can see


in the folder? (if not, hit the RESET button in the top right which will reset the lab to its initial state and pull in the files if they weren't there)

  • Thank you @curiouskiwi♦, I had to hit reset button for like 6 times, until I got the copy.c at last. Commented Apr 30, 2019 at 9:11

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