I'm recovering all 50 JPEG images, but still failing check50 with the message: "output not valid ASCII text."

Not sure if this might have something to do with it, but for some reason, my buffer[0] was being overwritten/changed to 0x00, so I slammed back in 0xff just before writing to the outfile.

I've looked at the output in hex and it seems fine to me. Any suggestions?


If you find that your buffer[0] is being overwritten with 0x00, you have a memory issue. Did you declare outfile_name large enough to hold all 8 chars in the string "000.jpg"? If not, and you declared it with 7 bytes, the final nul char added by sprintf (to signify the end of the string) will simply go into the next slot in memory. And that slot happens to be buffer[0].

Be sure your variable is long enough.

  • That's gotta be it! I declared my filename with 7 bytes. Thank you!
    – M. Stange
    Feb 5 '19 at 2:41

Well, I'm not sure exactly how I handled it, but now I'm passing the check. I had imported stdbool.h to use bool for the jpg_found flag and I just switched it to a zero-or-one int. I also changed instances of hard-coded 512 to a #define global variable.

I still don't know why the first byte of each buffer was being overwritten to 0x00 after assigning an outfile name with sprintf

// buffer[0]: 0xff
sprintf(outfile_name, "%03i.jpg", outfile_count);
// buffer[0]: 0x00

Everything else seems to make sense and the program works. I just had to reassign buffer[0] = 0xff.

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