I wanted to get the positive float using the get_positive_float function, which I declared later. However, it either accepts -0.99999 or rejects 0.999999.

The code looks as follows:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <cs50.h>        
#include <math.h>

    float get_positive_float(string prompt);

    int main(void)
        float f = get_positive_float("Number: ");
        printf("Input: %f\n", f);

    float get_positive_float(string prompt)
        int n;
            n = get_float("%s", prompt);
        while (n <= 0);
        return n;

The problem is the when n is set to strictly less then 0 after while, I get the following output after testing:

Number: -0.99999999999999
Number: -0.99999999999
Number: -0.99999999
Number: -0.999999
Input: 0.000000

When = is allowed, the output is the following:

Number: 0.9
Number: 0.99999999
Input: 1.000000

I cannot get it to reject numbers slightly lower than zero without rejecting numbers slightly above zero. Where do I go wrong?


I declared n as an int, not a float. That caused the problem.

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