I'm member of CS50m (Mobile) on edX with certificate. Recently, I've submitted Project0 on github to https://github.com/submit50/HerrBrand with the branch cs50/mobile/2018/x/projects/0

Next day, I've got mail from [email protected] with: Your score has been released for CS50m Submissions. CS50m Submissions 0 / 1

I guess that means not passed. Ok, but I can't find any further informations. The submission is recorded with 0 comments on cs50.me/submissions and cs50.me/courses says that I'm not member of any courses. My edX Account is connected on cs50.me/accounts.

Does anybody know how to get information about the evaluation or how to get the course into cs50.me/courses?

Actually, I'm also not sure if I should do something or just continue the course and look what happen when I ask for the certificate.

Thank you for any hint


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The email you received should have told you the feedback as to why you didn't get a full score. If it didn't, best to email [email protected] with your details and someone on the team can look at your grading.

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