Here's my code for mario.more.

[removed solution code]

When i execute this code, it performs exactly how it should look according to Walkthrough:

But when I run check50, the terminal goes like this: I still not understand, since if my input is 2, the first cluster of spaces doesn't large like that.

If anyone realises my mistake, please show me why and how to fix it? THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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As per the specification the bottom-left corner of the left-hand pyramid should be left-aligned with the terminal window and therefore the number of preceding spaces should not be hard-coded.


You have hard coded the space in front of the #'s. There is too much space which is not according to the pset specifications

Try a different method to do the same without hard coding the spaces.enter image description here

The spaces highlighted in red are extra spaces. They must be removed.

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