My program for speller(hashtable) always returns the following:

[1mdictionary.c:35:19:[1m[31m runtime error: [1m[0m[1mmember access within null pointer of type 'node' (aka 'struct node')[1m[0m
[1mdictionary.c:35:12:[1m[31m runtime error: [1m[0m[1mnull pointer passed as argument 1, which is declared to never be null[1m[0m
[1m/usr/include/string.h:122:14:[1m[30m note: [1m[0mnonnull attribute specified here[1m[0m

Doesn't look too random to me.

First message indicates you did something like new_node->word or new_node->next, but the new_node (or whatever the variable is) is NULL.

Second message indicates you are passing a NULL to a function that does not like NULL as input, and is guarded with a __THROW __nonnull function attribute.

Third line explains this function is strcpy.

Can't say more without seeing at least some code.

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