Trying to solve pset1 cash less comfortale with python.

Whats my mistake as I cant figure it out.

Lets say I add 5.16 as cash owed that is 20*0.25+1*0.1 +1*0.05 +1*0.01 , 23 coins total used.

while True:
    x=float(input("Enter a number:"))
    if not x<0:
coins= x/25+(x%25)/10+((x%25)%10)/5+((x%25)%10)%5

And this gives an answer of 24 not 23. Why?


Python 3 uses // for integer division, and / for floating point division, instead of deciding based on the operand types (which frequently led to confusion, since unlike C you won't necessarily know the type of a value at compile time).

So use // here instead of /.

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