I've run this in various configurations, when I remove excess spaces, it still prints out with a space at the beginning of each line. And the center spacing seems to be larger than check50 expects, but it really is only two spaces (and hard-coded). Can you help me to understand why this fails on every valid integer check but still looks correct when I run it? Thanks.

            for i in range(layers):

            print(' ' * (n-1),'#' * (i+1), ' ', '#' *(i+1))
            n = n - 1
  • So I just replaced that leading space with a period for ('.' * (n-1), etc and found that the . did not print. Could there be a problem with check50?
    – KayO133
    Commented Jun 20, 2019 at 12:24

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It is a formatting issue. The sep command, as described at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16768979/remove-space-from-print-output-python-3, fixed it.

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