I'm so close :)), finished what should hopefully qualify for a final project. Due to internet problem where I'm from (I cannot load CS50 IDE on a browser, it could never load), I managed to download and have been working on the offline cs50ide. I have run update50 multiple times and still got this message: enter image description here

Can I get some help? Alternatively is there a GitHub route where I can submit?

Many thanks, Tri Bui

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The new submission system went into effect a couple of days ago (July 29, 2019).

You can submit your final project directly on github. You are only required to submit a README.md file describing your project, so the easiest is to do that directly on github.com

First, go to http://cs50.me/cs50x and make sure you are set up for the CS50x course in the new system. (You'll see a Join button if you aren't, so choose that if needed.) This will give github access to your submissions.

Then, go to github.com/me50/USERNAME (where USERNAME is your github username). Create a branch called cs50/problems/2019/x/project and upload your README.md file to that branch and then Commit. (You can certainly upload your other project files if you'd like, but not required).

Within a few minutes, you should see the grade on cs50.me/cs50x

Be sure to also fill out the form per the spec.

  • That solves it. Many thanks.
    – buitri84
    Aug 1, 2019 at 2:27

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