I am doing cs50x and I need to submit my problem set 0 but i can't. Everytime I upload it in cs50, they aren't showing my grades in cs50.me ....Also, i need to ask..do they review your assignment and gave you grades if you audit the course????

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There have been a few changes to the submission process recently. Did you follow the submission instructions, including the new repo with "me50" instead of "submit50", and the new branch name cs50/problems/2019/x/scratch? Do your submissions show up on https://submit.cs50.io?

Your submissions get graded in an automatic process. You either manually push to your personal me50 repo (as described in scratch), or later use submit50 tool to do so, and GitHub informs the server, which checks out the submission and runs a battery of tests on it, reporting scores to cs50.me.

  • I followed all the instructions but in the end submit.cs50.io says that I am not enrolled in the course but I'm already in the course!
    – Abrehman20
    Commented Aug 3, 2019 at 5:32
  • It will probably not know which course you're in until you submit your first problem. Do you have access to your private github.com/me50/USERNAME repo? Have you created a branch there with the new branch name? Uploaded your file into that branch?
    – Blauelf
    Commented Aug 5, 2019 at 8:40

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