I am trying to finish the register function but something goes wrong. I get an error message " check50 error displayed

It seems that although registration is claimed to be ok (from check50) nothing is actually added in the database. I am very confused, any help would be appreciated. Here is the code i 've written for this part. https://pastebin.com/ySWL68BE


You haven't written the index route yet after logging in, the page redirects to the index. check50 gets a 400 from your apology there.

Please do not use check50 until you have completed all sections and are satisfied that your site works as expected. It's a final check and you can expect that using it to test individual routes before others are written will give you errors.

  • I suspected so, as i was redirected to the "400 error - TODO" cat meme. Many thanks :) – Mary91gr Aug 6 '19 at 12:44

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