I worked my way through Caesar as well as Vignere in PSet2. I got a score of 99% for Vignere but only 40% on Caesar, which is really strange as I worked off of Caesar for Vigenere.. If anyone could scan through and let me know where my code for Caesar lacks, I would really appreciate it! I tested the output and the code seems to work, so I'd like to know where you think it could be improved. Thanks!

[code removed]

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From the spec (emphasis added):

... after validating the key, we prompt the user for a string (using "plaintext: " for the prompt) and then shift all of its characters by 1, printing out "ciphertext: " followed by the result and a newline.

The program does not print "ciphertext: " in the result.

  • Thank you! My score got boosted to above 80% with this simple change :) Aug 8, 2019 at 17:09

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