I have been away from CS50 for some time and have now returned to it. I understand that CS50 IDE is no longer used and I have read:'If you started CS50x before 2018, know that scores from CS50x 2017 have been imported into CS50.me. In order to view them, you must first link your edX account at CS50.me/account! Your scores should be viewable shortly thereafter.'

But when I click on the CS50.me/account link it takes me to a blank page.

Github says I am not enrolled on any course.

Any help gratefully accepted.


Those are outdated instructions.

Go to http://cs50.me/cs50x and choose "join course" to join the 2019 CS50x course.

This should take you to your gradebook. If prompted at the top, choose to link your cs50me to your edX account.

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