Im currently doing speller and before i start i wanna make sure i understand all the necessary concepts, one i cant wrap my head around is linked lists, i watched the relevant shorts but i still dont understand it.

i mean i can create a new node but i just dont understand how to connect one node to another. does anyone have a video or something that from your experience explains it well?

Thanks :)


Have you also checked https://study.cs50.net/linked_lists? Basically a slides version of an older video. You might guess it, I'm less into videos.

Personal preference, I like http://cslibrary.stanford.edu/103/ (by Nick Parlante, the Binky guy), maybe because it's similar to the material I used when learning about linked lists (linked lists haven't changed compared to the even then already old books I read in the 1990s).

I also like how http://www.pythontutor.com/visualize.html visualises pointers. It's a website that runs your programme (no interaction possible) and lets you step through the execution, back and forth (as it displays a specific recorded run). Does support more than just Python (list of supported languages slowly expanded).

  • omg thanks, the pythontutor one really helped me out. and the first one is also super helful. oh btw the 2nd link doesnt work :/
    – Adri
    Sep 14 '19 at 13:18
  • Uh, that's unfortunate. Their server seems to be down today.
    – Blauelf
    Sep 15 '19 at 9:21

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