i don't know how to answer those questions there's no clue how to solve them i checked all the links doesn't include most of them, though i finished the pset.

Any help would be very appreciated.

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Many answers you have to find yourself, in various ways, which is a realistic scenario when you find something new. Some answers can be found on the BMP Wikipedia page linked in the problem description, others are for example on the man pages of certain commands (found like man printf on the terminal, or search on for example https://man.cs50.io), or somewhere on the internet, using the right search terms. The data types in all caps (BYTE, DWORD, and so on) for example are usually used by Microsoft, based on the Intel 16 bit architecture, also you can find some documentation on the bitmap headers on their website, a few links are in the sources of that Wikipedia article.

Internet research is explicitly encouraged, as long as you search for increasing your knowledge, not for readily made solutions.

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