this is my code

// Open the card.raw file and check for NULL
FILE* card_ptr = fopen("card.raw", "r");

[admin removed rest of code]

and this is my error message generated from check50

:) recover.c exists. :) recover.c compiles. :( handles lack of forensic image expected exit code 1, not 0 :( recovers 000.jpg correctly 000.jpg not found :( recovers middle images correctly 001.jpg not found :( recovers 049.jpg correctly 049.jpg not found


FILE *card_ptr = fopen("card.raw", "r");

the spec says you must take the raw filename from the command line, so that the user runs

./recover card.raw

and not hard-code it. Because of that error, the rest of your program isn't run, since there is no rawfile.

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