I've been stuck on the load portion of Speller. Feels like I have a grasp on what I'm supposed to do but I keep getting use of undeclared identifier "head". Any guidance is appreciated. Am I headed in the right direction?

while (fscanf(file, "%s", word) != EOF)
    //allocate memory for new node
    node *new_node = malloc(sizeof(node));

    //increase word count

    //check for valid node
    if(new_node == NULL)
        return false;

    strcpy(new_node ->word, word);

    int y = hash(word);

    if(hashtable[y] == NULL)
        node *head = malloc(sizeof(node));

        if(head == NULL)
        exit (1);

        strcpy(head->word ,word);
        head->next = NULL;

        hashtable[y] = head;

        node *node_link = malloc(sizeof(node));

        if(node_link == NULL)
        exit (1);

        strcpy(node_link->word ,word);

        node_link ->next = head;
        head = node_link;


It's a scope issue. The code creates head inside the code block for an IF statement. Once that code block ends, the head variable ceases to exist. When the code then tries to use it later, the compiler interprets this as trying to use an undeclared variable.

If you want the head var to be used in a wider scope, it needs to be declared outside of any localized code block (bound by curly braces).

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