I am trying to do the check part of the assignment in Finance via Bootstrap validation but I am failing miserably trying to understand how it works at all. https://getbootstrap.com/docs/4.1/components/forms/#validation - this doesn't make any sense to me - there is nothing on how validation is done and I can't even understand what parts of the code do it.

I have been trying to find an answer reading dozens of articles and I am not an inch closer to the answer. I'm already at the point where I keep shouting at the screen in an empty room which is kind of crazy.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction of how to make a custom condition validation of the form? I'm completely lost - the task is simple, I return either True or False in my JSON and then would "mark" the field in the form valid or invalid somehow. That's in my head and it doesn't seem that's how things work in frontend.

Sorry for all the emotions.


JIC this might be useful for someone, here is the answer.

I should have used different classes that have no validation themselves as I add them to objects myself after validating server-side.

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