I want to find the number of sentences of a text.

so I use:

n_sentence = text.count('.') + text.count('!') + text.count('?')

It's working and it's really ugly.

I've read the .count method but I can't find how to add multiple object to be counted in.

Or maybe the method re.findall is more suited? (I've miss something because I can't make it work.)

Thanks in advance,

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Try .split() instead. And if you need to split multiple characters use regular expressions re.split() provided with characters given in specification for readability.c in pset2.


ugly's in the eyes of the beholder. What could be more explicit, more readable, simpler than that? There doesn't seem to be (read: I couldn't find) a python string method that will do it in one pass. Any other approach would require a loop (eg. count on multiple objects) or an additional library (eg. re for findall) or a new function etc. etc. More is not necessarily better.

There is a Code Review community on stack. Perhaps have a browse through those posts, or pose this question to that community.

(FWIW: that's how I did it; I think it's beautiful :)

  • Ok thank. Just want to avoid all these iterations.
    – saquiel
    Jan 16, 2020 at 16:51

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