I have a serious problem with python style. I got 0.62 for style (dna) and I don't understand, that is wrong. I'm not a novice in python, but these style requirements are peculiar. What is wrong with this code? :)

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This code is visible only to you and staff.

You can use style50 on .py files, too, in this case there is no style guide as for C, but there is PEP8, a kind of official style guide.

The output of style50, for the submission you linked to, might also be found at https://submit.cs50.io/style50/bfcf588e64beecae190aee450c5f9e48d7f6bfdc (if this is the correct URL, again only you and staff may access it, can't check for correctness because submit.cs50.io seems to be broken for me at the moment)

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