when writing a query to produce a table that lists the titles of all movies with a release date on or after 2018, in alphabetical order I produce a table with 35,755 rows. The CS50 pset states that I should have 35,775 rows. Could anyone help me work out why I am not selecting 20 of the tiles?

my query is:

SELECT title FROM movies WHERE year > 2017 ORDER BY title;

Thanks in advance.

  • Could be anything. First, verify that you have the correct query. Does your query say >2017 or >2018? Next, run the following query on your db to see if there's any missing data: select count from movies where year >2017. If the count is low, then data is missing. Try deleting and reloading the db.
    – Cliff B
    Mar 11, 2020 at 23:48

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Where did you find the number of 35,775? On https://cs50.harvard.edu/x/2020/psets/7/movies/, I find

  • Executing 3.sql results in a table with 1 column and 35,755 rows.

Maybe a typo on their end in some older version.

  • Thanks, I don't know where I got that number from either. Temporary insanity.
    – borebot
    Mar 12, 2020 at 22:18

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