I'm doing pset 2 and did the following in the CS50 IDE (copied directly from my terminal):

~/ $ cd
~/ $ mkdir readability
~/ $ cd readability
~/readability/ $ open readability.c

and I couldn't find my readability.c file anywhere. On further snooping, I found out that readability.c was in ~/.c9/metadata/environment/readability/. What went wrong?

Update: I deleted my readability files (including the one in environment/ and started anew. I then did the same process, but this time I wrote some text into readability.c before attempting to close the window and then saving before I did so. Do I need to save my files for it to be in a directory? And if so how do I save my files?


Press Ctrl+S (Windows) or Command + S (MacOS) to save the file. It will let you choose which directory you want to use.

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