I am working on CS50's introduction to AI. For Project 0A (the degrees of separation problem) my code is working fine with all tests on the small data set, however, when I try and run the code with the large data set, it never loads, instead the program is just killed. When I try and see how far it goes using print() calls, it never stops, yet even after long periods of time it just barely loads a fraction of the total. Am I supposed to be concerned about this, or should I just submit the code? Please may somebody help, for I am confused and need guidance on this.

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It appears the IDE cannot load the large dataset because of resource limits. You certainly can "just submit the code". But since the grading can take up to 3 weeks, you'll wait a long time for feedback.

Another option would be to run it on your local machine. I installed python on my windows 10 machine and used PyScripter for the ide. I then moved the appropriate sources to the CS50 IDE for submit50 (since loading submit50 on windows is not quite straightforward, however it's doable). Another IDE option would be PyCharm IDE (community edition is free).

  • Thanks, DinoCoderSaurus! I was pretty sure that I could have submitted it, but I was just making sure. I will check out the IDE's you mentioned, and see if any are feasible for my situation. Thank you!
    – AK2150
    Apr 12, 2020 at 6:22

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