I am trying to improve my code for pset6, it works but currently takes a few minutes for the larges files. Can I get some help as to how to improve performance?

from sys import argv, exit
import csv
import sys

# Check if only two arguments
if len(argv) != 3:
    print("Need two files")

# Read database of DNA STR and save STR names
dnatable = csv.DictReader(open(argv[1]))
STR = dnatable.fieldnames
ncol = len(STR)
STRM = []

# read the sequence to analyze
with open(argv[2], 'r') as file:
    data = file.read().replace('\n', '')

# iterate to find if there is a match
for p in range (ncol):  #iterate number of columnes in small or large dictionary - ncol
    l = len(STR[p])   # l is distance from first letter to last letter
    k = 0
    maxc = 0
    l2 = len(data)
    for k in range(l2):  #iterate over every starting position in the file
        counter = 0
        i = 0
        r = 0
        while i < l2:  #iterate over every letter starting in k and match with STR(THIS IS WHERE I NEED HELP)
            if STR[p] == data[i+k:j+k]:
                counter = counter + 1
                i += l 
                if counter > maxc:
                    maxc = counter
                i += 1
                counter = 0
    print (STRM)

dnatable2 = csv.reader(open(argv[1]))
i = 0 
for row in dnatable2:
    j = 0
    tracker = True
    for col in row:
        if (int(row[j])- int(STRM[j])) != 0:
            tracker = False 
        j = j + 1
    i = i + 1    
    if tracker == True:

if tracker == False: 
    print ("No match")

k = 1
dnatable3 = csv.reader(open(argv[1]))

for row in dnatable3:
    if k == i:
        Winner = (row[0])
    k = k + 1

print (Winner)

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Nested loops takes lots of time to execute, you can try to redesign your code to that will make you no use too much nested loops..


Thank I think I figuted it out basically through using re.find functions and re-writing the whole thing to focus how many times the sequenence repeates iteself without going through the whole code

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