For some reason, my CS50 pset4 blur function is not returning the proper pixel values for a 3x3 or a 4x4 image. It passes the other check50 tests. I looked at the check50 output, and my code gets the first 5 pixels of the 3x3 image correct, but gets the remaining 4 incorrect. The values are lower than what I would expect.

Can anyone tell me what my code is doing that is causing this?

void blur(int height, int width, RGBTRIPLE image[height][width])
    RGBTRIPLE copy[height][width];
    //creates a copy of the original image
    for (int h = 0; h < height; h++)
        for (int w = 0; w < width; w++)
            copy[h][w].rgbtRed = image[h][w].rgbtRed;
            copy[h][w].rgbtGreen = image[h][w].rgbtGreen;
            copy[h][w].rgbtBlue = image[h][w].rgbtBlue;
    //blur the image based on the copied values
    //this keeps track of the number of terms
    //averaged together
    for (int i = 0; i < height; i++)
        for (int j = 0; j < width; j++)
            int terms = 0;
            //This keeps track of the total sums of the
            //bordering pixel colors
            int sumR = 0;
            int sumG = 0;
            int sumB = 0;
            //Begin checking pixel of interest and its borders
            for (int k = -1; k <= 1; k++)
                //if index i+k exists
                if (i + k >= 0)
                    for (int m = -1; m <= 1; m++)
                        //if index j+m exists
                        if (j + m >= 0)
                            //add the color terms to the sum
                            sumR += copy[i + k][j + m].rgbtRed;
                            sumG += copy[i + k][j + m].rgbtGreen;
                            sumB += copy[i + k][j + m].rgbtBlue;
                            //increment the number of terms
            //This is where I update the color of the original
            //image based on the average of the colors from
            image[i][j].rgbtRed = round((float) sumR / (float) terms);
            image[i][j].rgbtGreen = round((float) sumG / (float) terms);
            image[i][j].rgbtBlue = round((float) sumB / (float) terms);

Solved the problem. I was not checking for all indexes that do not exist in the array, only for the negative indexes.

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