In PSET4 Edges Filter problem you are supposed to calculate Gx ^ 2. But the operator ^ in C does not seem to mean raising in a power. For Gx = -9 it returns Gx ^ 2 = -11 and so on. Turned out ^ is XOR operator. I ended up using Gx * Gx but I wonder if there is a proper operator.

I'm also confused about the use of ^ 2 in the text of the problem on CS50. It was framed as a code sample, but ended up not working as one due to the ambiguity of ^ symbol. Is that a typo?


This is not to be taken literally, the circumflex accent notation ^ is a common way of representing power, and it is indeed a bitwise operator in C. For power we must use the function pow (), it is simple to use and You can search for examples in google.

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