I've been stuck on this for quite some time and did a lot of research on the AND operator in SQL, but no matter how many variations I try I cannot get my table to output just 6 rows, with each row containing a movie that both Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter starred in. I believe my table instead outputs 92 rows for the movies that both of them have been in in general, rather than together. Here is my code:

SELECT title FROM movies
    (SELECT movie_id FROM stars WHERE person_id IN 
        (SELECT id FROM people WHERE name IN ('Johnny Depp', 'Helena Bonham Carter')));

Here is the output message:

Execution finished without errors.
Result: 98 rows returned in 1432ms
At line 1:
SELECT title FROM movies
JOIN stars
ON movies.id = stars.movie_id
    (SELECT id WHERE person_id IN 

And here is the resulting table itself (96 rows total):

enter image description here

Any suggestions or ideas to output just the movies the two starred in (six rows total) would be greatly appreciated.

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Using a previous post on this forum, I was able to deduce I had to use the INTERSECT operator, which instantly solves the problem.

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