Struggling after Certain changes were made on the file and compiled as compiler failed to identify the changes made.I.e the terminal window displays the same errors in the file. This meant program changes I made are only in display not in compiler. My end i have saved the file, hardly some time issue can tackle with a new terminal window. How can this error rectified?


Hi, did you recompiled the source code ?

Every time after a change you should do a (make filename) or (clang -lcs50 -o filename filename.c) before running it again.

If the problem persist, do a reset on the terminal window. Just type reset.

If that didn't solve either, save your source code, close the terminal window, restart your browser and go back to https://ide.cs50.io/ , after that press Alt + t to open the terminal.

I hope one of this can fix it. Good Luck :)

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