For the first problem set, I attempted to create and change the directory with the following commands:

$ mkdir ~/pset1
$ cd ~/pset1
$ mkdir ~/pset1/hello
$ cd ~/pset1/hello

Despite doing these commands like the problem set suggests, it states it should change the prompt to:

~/pset1/ $

However it still appears as:


Also using ls doesn't show the directory or hello.c file, although typing ~/pset1, the terminal tells me that I am in the directory despite it not showing. I can't compile the file because of this. Any suggestions? I tried deleting everything on the IDE and trying again but nothing works.

  • If you, on purpose or by accident, typed the sh command, the prompt would be changed to plain old $. That's one way I can think of to get this effect in the CS50 ide. Commented Jul 9, 2020 at 1:43

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Try just saying "mkdir pset1" instead of with the ~/. Also, once you've done "cd pset1" you don't need to say "mkdir pset1/hello", you can just say "mkdir hello". If this helps, please click the check mark.

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