I am new to programming and has basicly started with c program but after i write a code and try to compile it by,"make untitled1" I get an error message.

  • You don't have to install anything. You'll need to be more specific on what error message you are getting. – curiouskiwi Jul 21 at 9:43
  • Thank you for trying to help me. The error message runs exactly like this, "make: Nothing to be done for 'Unititled1'." Can you tell me what does this mean and what should I do in this case in order to compile and run my program? – Artinxt Jul 31 at 2:23
  • make sure you have saved your file with a .c extension, like hello.c and then you can make hello. The fact that yours is called Untitled1 tells me that you haven't actually saved it yet. – curiouskiwi Jul 31 at 2:39
  • Thank you very much. It worked. Umm.....can you tell me why does this ".c" matter. – Artinxt Aug 1 at 5:50
  • That is the extension for C source code (much like a spreadsheet might be .xls or a document .doc The compiler is expecting a C source code file. – curiouskiwi Aug 1 at 7:22

what is the name of ur file? :)

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    Well it was Unititled1 at first. Now everything is okay, I found my mistake. – Artinxt Aug 12 at 3:27

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