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Hi! I wanted to know what this error message meant because all my sql statements give the correct output but submit50 shows that i've only got a 2/14 , "Error when executing query: too many statements at once"

update- i was able to rectify the problem by removing all comments

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  • Ok so i was able to rectify this problem. I had used comments in all my file windows and when i removed all the comments then i was able to pass the check50 command. – Rea Mammen Jul 31 at 16:23
  • maybe you can close the question – Sparkles the Unicorn Jul 31 at 22:07
  • @SparklestheUnicorn yea ok – Rea Mammen Aug 1 at 3:12
  • Does this answer your question? pset7 movies Q12 – Glorfindel Aug 6 at 17:41

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