Hello I am able to pass normal check50 but it fails to pass check 50 for the big board challenge:

here are some details:

:) dictionary.c and dictionary.h exist

:) speller compiles

:( qualifies for Big Board expected exit code 0, not 139

:| passes benchmarking can't check until a frown turns upside down

when i compare using staff solution i get:

enter image description here


exit code 139 means your speller program segfaulted during the check.

I ran your code with "holmes.txt"

./speller texts/holmes.txt
segmentation fault

Valgrind pointed out it was in your check for your hash value. Your hash can return values that are not within the bounds of the table (0 to N-1).

a'n't: -796 for example.

You should test your code with more than just one or two texts (the big board uses all of them.)

  • Thanks. Will keep in mind
    – Aladdin
    Aug 3 '20 at 7:16

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