In the project 0 requirements, it says that I need a Google "I'm Feeling Lucky" Button. I am not sure on how to make one. Does anyone know how to make a "I'm Feeling lucky" button. Thank you for your time.


To make an I'm feeling lucky button, use this code

<input value="I'm Feeling Lucky" aria-label="I'm Feeling Lucky" id="lucky" name="btnI" type="submit" data-ved="0ahUKEwiNm6S0jYLrAhXslnIEHYv2B30QnRsIDg">
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  • You're the best! Thanks! Were looking for the solution few hours – LSWarss Aug 15 at 18:42
  • no problem dude! – Ysoni18 Aug 16 at 19:03

I'm having the same issue. Currently I was thinking of using javascript to catch the value of the query and send build a function to run the search in google and catch the first element that pops up, but I'm new to js so I would like feedback if I'm in the right direction...


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  • I don’t think they would accept JavaScript work tho. Has to be a way with html. Also you should post this information in the comments, not the answers. – Ysoni18 Aug 4 at 12:49

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