I was using debug50 over and over for pset5 speller and at some point it just stopped working. Now when I try to use it with simple programs it still won't work. I've restarted the ide from inside browser, I've restarted the browser, and I've restarted the computer. When I look at debugger in side menu it is unpaused and won't let me remove any watch expressions. They just keep looping if I delete or scroll. Any help is greatly appreciated! Here is an image of what it looks like when I try to use:

Screenshot of frozen browser when trying to use debug50

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I got the answer from someone named @Teapot on discord. Going to the top left of the ide at "CS50 IDE" and clicking "Reset Settings" did the trick for me. I was afraid this would delete folders or something, but everything looks to be normal and working again. Credit to teapot!


You can possibly restart the IDE from the top left, and click CS50 IDE, then restart. That fixes a lot of problems, and it may fix this!

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