I am wondering how to add files to the desktop in CS50 Sandbox. If you are wondering how to make a desktop, here is a list of step by step insturctions.

  1. Open CS50 Sandbox.
  2. Click on the plus. Image of CS50 Sandbox
  3. Click on Desktop. Image of CS50 Sandbox

If you know how, please answer. Thank you!

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The embedded X window of the CS50 Sandbox is more of a stripped-down version and does not encompass features such as built-in GUI-based file management. The latency limitations that impede real-time interactivity of bitmap-intensive applications, such as a full fledged X window system, is the foremost reason, at least as I believe, that influenced the deliberate decision to opt out from a full fledged X window system.

The left navigation pane title FILETREE however should be fully sufficient for GUI-based file navigation and interaction.

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