I ran the check50 on my pset2 Substition.c I get everything right except for 1 encrypts "This is CS50" as "Cbah ah KH50" using YUKFRNLBAVMWZteogxhcipjsqd as key expected "ciphertext: Cb...", not "ciphertext:Kba..."

I believe my answer is right first letter 'C' turns into 'K'. Did I not get something here?

enter image description here


The first letter is "T", not "C". Why would the "T" become "K" when it should encode to "C"? The input for each of three consecutive tests is the same. The key is the same too, except for the case of the letters. This is designed to test the preservation of case in the input text.

So, the output of the test that failed should be the same as the previous two tests.

What is the bug in the code????

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  • Thanks for the correction
    – 007
    Sep 9 '20 at 18:41

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