I am totally new to coding and I struggle a lot with each problem, I learn a lot this way as well. I was wondering what is the actual level of difficulty of these psets? Will someone who studies CS offline in a school setting and spends more time than the lectures devote on a particular topic ace through them?

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If this is still relevant to you, here are some resources you might find useful:

A novice’s guide to learning to code with CS50

I’m not going to lie and tell you that completing CS50 was easy. As someone with no prior coding experience and a background in the humanities, there were times when I found the course incredibly difficult. Ultimately patience and perseverance are key. There will be times when you spend five hours straight on your code and make no progress, only to find out later that your problem was a misplaced bracket. I can’t emphasise enough how useful the course’s online community can be in these instances. I personally found the Slack channel really useful and usually received a response within a day of posting my broken code. If you are motivated and genuinely enjoy it, I believe that anyone can complete the course (with a little help along the way).

This review goes through the course week by week and this Quora thread is useful too.


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