I'm currently on Project 3 in CS50 Web and pretty much completed it. However, there seems to be a bug in unarchiving emails. Whenever I click the unarchive button and it reloads the Inbox, there seems to be 2-4 duplicates. I always have to refresh the page to get them correct again.

Here's the show_mail function, where I create a new div for the email that's clicked on and show it in a new view called id-view with the archive button:

function show_mail(id) {

  // Fetch the email clicked on through their id
  .then(response => response.json())
  .then(email => {

    // Create new view, div and buttons then display the email in it
    document.querySelector("#id-view").innerHTML = '';
    const element = document.createElement('div');
    element.className = "show"
    if (email.archived === false) {
      element.innerHTML = `<div> <p><b>From:</b> ${email.sender}</p> <p><b>To:</b> ${email.recipients} </p> <p><b>Subject:</b> ${email.subject}</p>
<p><b>Timestamp:</b> ${email.timestamp} </p> <hr> <p> ${email.body}</p> <hr> <p><button class="archive">Archive</button></p><p><button class="reply">Reply</button></p></div>`
    else {
      element.innerHTML = `<div> <p><b>From:</b> ${email.sender}</p> <p><b>To:</b> ${email.recipients} </p> <p><b>Subject:</b> ${email.subject}</p>
<p><b>Timestamp:</b> ${email.timestamp} </p> <hr> <p> ${email.body}</p> <hr> <p> <button class="archive">Unarchive</button></p><p><button class="reply">Reply</button></p></div>`


    // Show the mailbox and hide other views
    document.querySelector('#id-view').style.display = 'block'
    document.querySelector('#emails-view').style.display = 'none'

    // Run function archive when archive button is clicked on
    document.addEventListener('click', Event => {
      const element = Event.target;
      if (element.className === "archive") {
        archive(email.id, email.archived)

This is the archive function:

function archive(id, status) {

  // Set archive attribute to the opposite of current status
  fetch(`/emails/${id}`, {
    method: 'PUT',
    body: JSON.stringify({
        archived: !status
  // Load inbox mailbox
  .then( () => {

Thanks for your help!

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I finally figured it out myself. Instead of using document.addEventListener I used element.addEventListener. This seems to have fixed it. Still don't really know why but if someone could explain, that would be great.

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