I can't figure out why check50 rejects my sorting algorithm, it works fine for me. I realize it's a little more complicated than the ones I found in the forum. Anyhow, I'd really appreciate some feedback. I created a difference_array to store the balance the margin of the victory

void sort_pairs(void)
int filler_variable_2 =  int filler_variable = pair_count;
int max_difference = 0;
int marker = 0; 

//1. Creating an array that is identical to pairs[]
typedef struct
int winner;
int loser;
pair_mirrored pairs_mirrored[pair_count];

for (int j = 0; j < filler_variable; j++)
   //2. Going through the difference_array and finding the largest entry)
   for (int i = 0; i < filler_variable; i++)
      if (difference_array[i] > max_difference)
          max_difference = difference_array[i];
          marker = i;
    //3. Copy the the pair with the largest difference at the right spot in the original array
   pairs_mirrored[j].winner = pairs[marker].winner;
   pairs_mirrored[j].loser  = pairs[marker].loser;
   //4.Deleting the entry in the difference_array, so that when I'm looking through it, I won't 
   mistake the same entry for the largest
   difference_array[marker] = 0;

   //5.Setting the max_difference and marker back to 0
    max_difference = 0;
    marker = 0;

 //6.Copying the mirrored array back to the original pairs array
 for (int w = 0; w < pair_count; w++)
    pairs[w].winner = pairs_mirrored[w].winner;
    pairs[w].loser  = pairs_mirrored[w].loser;

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