I was trying to figure out how to calculate the number of spaces in a string when i came across this code online. Can someone please explain it?

text = get_string("Enter Text: ")

spaces = sum(c.isspace() for c in text)



isspace() checks if a character is a white-space or not (blanks, newlines, tabs etc.) first line of the code gets a text from the user (get_string() is a CS50 specific function not a standard one) next line counts the spaces ...it is the same thing as:

def spaces():
    sum = 0
    # iterate through all the characters in the text 
    for c in text:
        # check if the function is true for that character c
        if c.isspace():   
           sum += 1
    return sum

but instead of writing all this, you can also write in one line of code like that.

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