Been stuck on Speller for 2 days and could really please use some help.

My initial idea is just to create an array of linked lists with 26 buckets (N = 26) and very simply hash the words by only the first letter. I just want to create a linked list for each word in each letter bucket.

I'm getting an Expected Identifier error I'm not sure why. I declared N = 26 and I declared node *table[N] for the array. I can't imagine what else is missing. I am also trying to initially set all word values to "" and pointers to NULL for the array initially before I insert nodes. I created a for loop for this.

Any help so I can get on track would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

my code so far

make speller


You should put the first for loop in the load function at the start. Loops are always supposed to be inside a function, be it main or something else. therefore the particular error is generated.

Hope this helps. If this helps then please check the tickmark.

  • Hi! Thanks for the comment! Yeah, I figured that. I deleted everything then I re-installed all the files and I'm slowly going over my code bit by bit. Also figured that I have to initialize values in the table array so that the pointers aren't dangling (pointing to undef). Now I'm dealing with a segmentation fault in val grind but dunno why.
    – Andrew
    Nov 9 '20 at 3:53

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