Hope you all are doing great.

Had a quick question about the CS50 IDE and running web applications on it.

One thing I noticed when running my web applications on CS50 IDE either by using "python manage.py runserver" for Django applications or "flask run" for Flask applications was that it returns the link to a web server, and that the link that it returns is accessible to anyone on the internet. However, if I were to run a Django or a Flask application on my computer, it returns a link to my local machines' IP address along with a specific port like 8080 or 8000. Can anyone explain how the link generated by CS50 IDE when running a Django/Flask application is accessible by others?

Also, I noticed that when I close the CS50 IDE browser tab, that link also stops working. Is there a way that that link stays alive so to speak even after I close that CS50 IDE tab on my browser? Thank you.

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