In CS50W 2020: Project 0, I have to make a resemblance of Google Search, and its image and advanced counterparts.

I don't feel like doing much scavenging, so what I want to do is to copy the whole code of Google Search and modify it in the criteria.

I'm pretty sure this could lead to plagiarism, but CS50 never specified if it is, or if I can copy it. So I'm not sure if I should do so.

Is it allowed for me to at least have a head start by doing this act?

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You can view the google html/css but you should not copy it directly.

  • I agree! @curiouskiwi Jan 1, 2021 at 1:06

Well, the HTML and CSS you will find by viewing the source code might be a bit difficult to search through to find the useful bits because of the sheer complexity of it all, but if you can, you are welcome to as long as it is not a direct copy.

CS50W's projects are all graded by real people, and these people will most probably have enough expertise to tell whether something has been done by the student themself or is simply a copy off of pre-existing code!

Good luck!

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