I completed the task according to the implementation details with additional extended and logical validation on both client and server sides.

The first submission gave me 75%. So I worked on details like fixing the style of code, and test again and again. Then using the style50 and check50 utilities, I got the following:

~/workspace/lab9/ $ style50 application.py
Results generated by style50 v2.7.4
Looks good!
~/workspace/lab9/ $ check50 cs50/labs/2021/x/birthdays
GitHub username: vpgr
GitHub password: *
Waiting for results............................
Results for cs50/labs/2021/x/birthdays generated by check50 v3.1.2
:) Birthdays submitted
To see the results in your browser go to https://submit.cs50.io/check50/...
~/workspace/lab9/ $ 

The next submissions gave me also 75%. Where or how can I take a hint of what costs the remaining 25%?

  • hey! I am a cs50 student. i am stuck at birthday and finance questions. rest all the question along with the final project i have completed. can you kindly help me in this? pls. – user31732 Jan 26 at 12:43
  • @SumitaRani Your first step is to make a question (not a comment) on stack exchange. Your question must refer to one simple problem, therefore you will need two of them. As a result, you will get the help you need, even if I can't provide it to you :) – vpgr Jan 27 at 15:37

According to the 2nd paragraph of Certificates in Syllabus page

Problems are evaluated along axes of correctness (as determined by a program called check50) and style (as determined by a program called style50), with scores ordinarily computed as 3 × correctness + 1 × style.

Labs are new, but normally they have different settings.

Check50 returns 1/1, so I get 75%

Style50 returns 1/1 (a.k.a "Look good!"), but I don't get the 25%

According to the math, the only explanation is that this is a problem coming from a flag that defines if style matters or not.

So if I'm right, I hope that someone dealing with the settings for grades will see the answer fix the flag :)

  • How long ago did you submit? There had been a problem with grading, but it was fixed. Can you resubmit? – curiouskiwi Jan 7 at 4:08
  • My last (6th) submission was on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at 11:17 PM EET. I just made another one, but the grade is the same. – vpgr Jan 7 at 7:18
  • Thanks. Can you refresh your gradebook page now? It should be correct. – curiouskiwi Jan 7 at 21:55
  • @curiouskiwi It is correct, indeed. I found the .cs50.yml file for the specific lab on Github, and it seemed right by comparing it to other lab files. My next thought was that it might be a boundary problem because the upper bound was Week 8 last year. I will appreciate it if you let me know if I was on the right path. – vpgr Jan 8 at 8:41
  • was a bug in the script that generates the gradebook, looking for the style grade and finding 0. – curiouskiwi Jan 8 at 8:48

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