My edit function throws a NoReverseMatch (Reverse for 'editpage' with arguments '('',)' not found. 1 pattern(s) tried: ['editpage/(?P[^/]+)/$']) when I try and submit edits on the page.

However, when testing, despite this error, my edits do end up saving.

Why am I getting this error if my edit function works?

Error error

page.html page.html

editpage code editpage function

edipage.html editpage.html

urls.py urls.py

  • Could I suggest maybe using the "editpage/<str:eTitle>" URL directly maybe in f-string format? Like so: f"editpage/{title}" in your form actions? Another tip, in the anchor tag (<a>) in page.html you don't need to say method='GET', it's the default. You only really need to use "method=" in forms
    – PrimeBeat
    Aug 16 at 16:53

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