How do I change the python version to 3.8.7 in IDE I have tried installing python, and using the portable version but just cant find an answer.

  • This will not be possible in any way because CS50 ide users can't use sudo in the terminal. Another thing is that you can't download anything in /bin or /local of the ide. – Vsjain Jan 8 at 6:49

The IDE is currently running 3.9.1

Any reason why you want to downgrade that? Doing so may break some of CS50's tools.

  • Im using a project that doesn't support 3.9 because it breaks dependecies – The Botly Noob Jan 8 at 14:24
  • Your CS50x final project? – curiouskiwi Jan 9 at 1:33
  • No I really like the IDE so i'm using it for another project. – The Botly Noob Jan 10 at 16:18

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