What am I missing? I see he jumps into coding and gives commands in the integrated vscode terminal but never explained anything about installing packages for the environment? I tried installing Love 2D with no help on how to run it. On Windows I set path but (for example) in birds0 he runs love . and his background and ground are rendered. I can't get there. Pwsh does not recognize love as cmdlet or executable. I tried running from the install location referring back to repo location with zilch results. Now also trying to figure how to install lua. Are people working with a remote environment for the course? Sorry to ask such simplistic stupid questions off the bat.

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Setting the path in the GUI environments variables for Windows was not automatically adding to the path. I had to reboot to take effect; but on a little more searching I found that from PowerShell with $env:Path += "Some path" it id immediately add to the path without having to reboot. I found that if a program was running (as I was using vscode and the integrated terminal), I simply had to close and restart the program. Then, I was able to run the love . command (from the installation of love 2D). Then, simply changing directory to make sure I was in the game folder, I ran (for example in the bird0 folder) love . and the code ran immediately rendering the background and ground for the game. I'm on the road now, starting from bird0 for the fifty-birds-master repo for the course on Github. Woohoo!

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