Terminal window disappeared in gedit.

1) I went to View --> Bottom Panel and it is grayed out.

2) I went to Preferences --> Plugins --> Embedded Terminal and made sure that it was checked.

I think this may have occurred when I downloaded appliance updates and also typed in update50 in the terminal. HELP??

Thank You

EDIT: My appliance window also does not show any internet connection. It says no IP address. Could this be connected to the issue?

EDIT2: I was able to pull up the Python Console in the bottom panel, but no embedded terminal there...

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Launched the original appliance download file "appliance50-19-vmware.ova" and created a new virtual drive (?). This appliance was version 19-0 as opposed to the other which had been updated to 19-2. gedit in this version had the embedded terminal. I was able to bring my files over because of dropbox and simply won't update for now.

Not a perfect solution, but one that works.

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