I'm in the [ Testing ] section and my program works fine with [ small.csv ], but the expected data is not the same as the real data:

For example:

If I run this: python dna.py databases/large.csv sequences/5.txt

The result should be: Lavender

Inside Large.csv in the [ Lavender] line it should have [41] = [TCTG] but inside the sequence in 5.txt it has [60] = [TCTG]

I did a test by pasting the DNA sequence into a text editor and found [60] [TCTG] where it should only be [41]. Why?

Is it normal?


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More than likely your code is counting the instances of the STR, rather than counting the longest consecutive run of the STR.


if you are counting ab, there would be 3, not 5, since they aren't consecutive:


The last 2 aren't counted.

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